Expert show 12p cleaning item to get your BBQ sparkling this summer

Even better, one of the hacks will set you back just 12p and you will probably already have the item in your home.

It turns out that all you need is an onion. Here’s how it works.

Liam Glennon, senior outdoor leisure buyer at VonHaus, explained: “One novel, natural solution to lingering grime is to clean the bars with an onion.

“Lightly turn up the temperature and attach half an onion to a fork to create a makeshift handle. Rub gently over the hot grill so the onion’s water naturally leaks across the BBQ—its antibacterial properties will remove any impurities.

“What’s more, unlike many chemical-laden cleaners, it’s safe for food preparation. At 12p a pop, cleaning hacks don’t come much quicker than this.”

Meanwhile, another cleaning solution Glennon recommended was beer. This is thanks to its natural acidity which can help cut through grease.

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