Euro 2024 terror attack worries raised by German police after officer murdered by knifeman | Football | Sport

Ahead of Euro 2024, a 29-year-old police officer was stabbed to death by a suspected terrorist who was previously unknown to the police, according to Sport Bild. And the murder has reportedly fuelled the fear of attacks at this summer’s tournament.

Now, the chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG) Rainer Wendt, 67, has spoken out to warn the public and fans in cities across Germany.

“A lone perpetrator is the nightmare of the police,” he explained. “In the event of a planned terrorist attack by a group, communication is carried out among each other. Digital traces are left behind, for example, when obtaining explosives or downloading instructions on how to make bombs.

“We know the threats, observe them around the clock with immense effort. But we don’t have a lone perpetrator who has become radicalised on the internet on our radar.

“It doesn’t need any preparatory action, it doesn’t leave any traces beforehand. He takes a knife, goes out and stabs people in public spaces. You can hardly protect yourself from that.”

Wendt also stated that police are “already doing everything, pulling out all the stops, all officers are on duty, there are border controls, more is not possible.”

But he added: “Anyone who pulls out a previously invisible knife in the middle of the crowd will produce a few victims before someone can intervene and incapacitate the perpetrator. No one can react so quickly, as the fatal knife attack on the police colleague in Mannheim showed.

“With all the necessary vigilance, people must not panic and therefore only experience the European Championship at home in front of the TV.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Euro 2024 GmbH said: “The safety of the stadium interior and especially the pitch is an absolute priority for UEFA and EURO 2024 GmbH.

“For this purpose, security forces specially trained to meet the requirements of a tournament are deployed in the stadiums. The experience from London shows that we are on the right track with our planning.”

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