Driving law changes set to have huge impact on Britons and see them fined massive sums

The rules of the road are undergoing a few changes heading into 2024, and drivers should be aware. 

Safety should always be the top priority when you’re behind the wheel, not only for your wellbeing but to ensure you aren’t penalised by traffic enforcement

In 2024, the Government is continuing to update its guidance on driving practices, with some new rules Britons may want to know. 

Saving on fuel

Starting over the summer, the Government has enacted PumpWatch, which allows drivers to get real time updates on the fuel prices in their area. 


Energy Live News said the Pump Watch website is operated by regulators, who require petrol and diesel retailers to share up-to-date prices on fuel, letting customers make decisions about where to find the cheapest options. 

The program is intended to keep prices low and promote transparency from fuel companies. 

More electric cars

Starting in January, UK auto manufacturers must have at least 22% of car sales and 10% of van sales be fully electric vehicles, according to AutoTrader. The Government plans to gradually increase the number overtime, hitting 80% electric vehicle sales by 2030. 

Car makers failing to hit this mark will be fined £15,000 per car and £9,000 per van. Because of this mandate, there will likely be additions to electric vehicle infrastructure across the country, like more charging station options. 

Eyesight tests

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will likely make changes to the eyesight exam during the test to obtain your driver’s licence. 

AutoTrader says the current test requires the participant to read a number plate from 20 metres away. The DVSA is in talks with a medical panel on how to update the exam, including testing eyesight under different levels of lighting. 

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