Deadpool 3 trailer sparks fan meltdown as Hugh Jackman ‘blasts’ Ryan Reynolds | Films | Entertainment

Some fans noted a downside but were still excited. They commented: “Deadpool 3 AKA Deadpool and Wolverine is about to be the most over the top Fan Servicy superhero movie ever made, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

One person who didn’t seem quite as thrilled was Hugh Jackman, who’ll be returning as Wolverine.

The X-Men star took to his Instagram account after the trailer was released to share a hilarious fake poster calling the film “Wolverine and A**hole”.

In the caption, he simply wrote: “Fixed it.”

He also shared another poster featuring a friendship necklace made from Deadpool and Wolverine’s iconic logos.

Taking on Wolverine’s moody persona, he wrote: “‘Best’ is a stretch. So is ‘friends.’”

Known for their tense relationship in the comics, the two mutant heroes will be reluctantly teaming up for the next Marvel adventure, but not without some violent bickering along the way.

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