Daniel Craig’s favourite James Bond movie is a Sean Connery classic | Films | Entertainment

In total there have been 25 official James Bond movies to date including No Time To Die.

During the promotion of his final and final 007 movie, Daniel Craig shared his favourite of the lot from the last 60 years. And the 56-year-old’s top Bond movie turns out to be a Sean Connery classic.

During a British GQ interview’s Q&A session, Craig said “Goldfinger, I think, is my favourite James Bond movie.”

The 1964 movie was the franchise’s and Connery’s third movie following Dr No and From Russia with Love.

Goldfinger was also the last Bond film set 007 author Ian Fleming visited before he died. Sadly he wasn’t able to see the movie.

Craig added: “I love Dr No but [Goldfinger] was sort of where Sean Connery became the James Bond that we know and love.”

During the 2021 documentary Being James Bond – which is streaming on ITVX with Goldfinger – Craig said: “I look at what I have done and go, ‘That is part of Goldfinger’.

“I am like, ‘Wow, I am connected to Goldfinger, Dr No, Live And Let Die’. My tenure is what it is, but it is only part of something bigger.

“I look back at the films and am incredibly proud of everyone one of them. I know we have done our best and we have really done our best.”

As for his favourite Bond movie of his five, Craig previously told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast: “It would be No Time To Die because it’s the last one, that’s the easiest one. Casino’s always going to be, y’know, up there.”

And as for his favourite Bond star other than himself, he said: “Sean. And I’ve loved all the others equally, but Sean’s always gonna be the one.”

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