Custom GPTs open for free ChatGPT users

Features like model and web responses, data analytics, chart creation, vision, file upload, memory, and custom GPTs were available to paid users — ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise — but are now open to anyone using ChatGPT.

While free ChatGPT users can discover and use custom GPTs — previously only available to paid subscribers — they won’t be able to create their own. Custom versions of ChatGPT we’ve used already have ranged from an on-demand thesaurus to an Ikea shopping guide. Makers of custom GPTs can also participate in a revenue sharing scheme that OpenAI began testing in March.

However, paying subscribers still have another advantage: fewer message limits. When free users reach the limit of messages or conversations using GPT-4o, they will automatically revert to GPT-3.5. 

One feature users won’t hear, no matter which tier they’re on, is the controversial Sky voice. OpenAI pulled the voice, notable for its similarity to Scarlett Johansson’s performance in Her, but its other voices are still available on ChatGPT. 

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