Christian Horner and Geri blasted ‘greedy’ by furious neighbours over latest plans | F1 | Sport

Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell have been blasted by angry neighbours over plans to build a second swimming pool at their mansion in Northamptonshire.

Furious locals have dubbed the plans ‘greedy’ as they fear the lavish building project will attract noisy jet-setting celebs.

As per The Daily Mail, residents of Marston St Lawrence – a quaint village 80 miles north of London – have slated the couple’s lifestyle since they moved into their 16th-century home.

One local said: “A second swimming pool? It’s downright greedy, isn’t it?

“They surely can’t need two swimming pools. Most people would settle for one, if they could.

“They certainly aren’t making themselves very popular around here, that’s for sure.”

They later added: “They haven’t really integrated themselves in the village. We barely see them and when we do, they are very aloof in their manner. I’ve no time for either of them.”

The anger largely stems from the Horners already having one swimming pool on the grounds of their house, which is reportedly complete with changing facilities and a gymnasium.

Christian and Geri were said to have applied for planning permission last year, which sparked outrage among the residents in Marston St Lawrence.

Following their successful application, homeowners in the area are fearful of how the latest instalment will impact life in the village, specifically the 17th-century church which sits directly opposite the couple’s house.

One worshiper claimed: “The church is only a few metres from their house and if a pool party is in full swing on a Sunday, how are we going to hear the service? This is a really bad decision by the council, I’m afraid.

“It is yet further evidence that it’s a rich man’s world – and round here, there aren’t many people richer than this pair.

“I guess from now on, the vicar is going to have to project his voice a few decibels louder.”

Whereas another added: “I’ve heard this ruddy pool comes with a heat pump too, so that’s going to make a hell of racket. I wish they’d eff off to California, or somewhere more to their taste.

“This is a beautiful village, loved for its peace and serenity. This swimming pool development goes against those values. I’m very disappointed and I urge the Horners to reconsider their plans.”

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