China rapidly developing space weapons with nukes, ‘kamikaze satellites’ and robots | World | News

He told The Sun: “They’ve already got robots on the far side of the Moon, which is problematic for anybody wanting to scrutinise what they’re up to because we can’t see it.”

“The thing is, we simply don’t know (the threat).

“What we do recognise is that space has become the ultimate high ground.

“You own the geostationary orbit and you’re then able to dominate everything that happens below, every part of our life including our security relies on GPS – how missiles move through the air, how our aeroplanes move, even the movement of finances.

“And if you’re able to close that down, if you’re able to shut down the GPS constellations, then you can easily cause such a massive economic harm as to bring our country to a standstill… It’s OK Corral up there, it really is.”

As well as nuclear weapons and mysterious robots, China has also launched “kamikaze satellites” that can orbit other satellites and “fry” them with infrared signals.

Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society Dr Alan Mendoza told the same outlet: “(China would be saying,) ‘Don’t mess with us when we interfere internationally, because if you do, there’s a danger that we will utilise a nuclear assault in space, and we’ll use that as part of our arsenal to damage you.'”

He added: “The consequences would be devastating if you think about every single infrastructure and development that we have today.

“It’s all controlled by computers, it’s all controlled by the connectivity the satellites help provide.

“This would have severe repercussions on everyday life.”

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