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Britons are being urged to check if they can make “small changes” around the home this summer to save money on energy bills in the coming months.

With temperatures set to rise towards the end of June, British Gas service and repair engineer, Joanna Flowers, has shared some top tips to help people stay cool at home this summer while saving money.

Joanna Flowers, a British Gas service and repair engineer, said: “During the summer months, it’s easy to forget that energy-hungry appliances are still working hard to keep our homes cool.

“Making a few easy changes around the house can have a big impact on people’s bills and the environment.

“Here are my top tips for staying cool and having an energy-efficient summer.”

Be fan smart

Most homes in the UK aren’t built to deal with the summer heat and the use of electric fans tends to increase during the warmer months.

However, Ms Flowers urged: “Try to limit fan usage where possible, and if you do need to switch one on, position the fan at floor level so it circulates cool air instead of the warmer air higher up. Even better, open your window at night instead of relying on the fan to keep you cool.”

Keep the home cool naturally

If it’s breezy outdoors, Ms Flowers suggested opening windows and internal doors so natural ventilation can flow through to help reduce the need for electric fans.

Ms Flowers noted: “Watch out though, during a heatwave, it’s best to leave windows shut when the day is at its hottest to help keep your house cool.

“It might be tempting to open them, but when the air outside is warmer than it is inside, it’ll only add to the indoor temperature. Open them early in the morning or later in the evening to let the air in.”

DIY air conditioning

Ms Flowers said hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window can cool the warm air as it enters the house and is a “great way” to reduce the temperature inside without a fan.

Ms Flowers added: “If you do choose to use a fan, point it towards an open window in the evenings – this pushes the hot air out instead of just blowing it around the room.”

Use reflective window film

Ms Flowers said reflective film is a “super effective” tool for keeping the house cool in summer by keeping the sun’s rays at bay.

She said: “It’s widely used in hotter climates and it can reduce heat and glare by up to 99 percent.”

Use extractor fans cleverly

Extractors don’t just get rid of smells and steam; they can be put to “double use” during hot weather.

Ms Flowers explained: “Open your internal doors and leave your bathroom and kitchen fans running for a while to rid your home of some of the excess heat. Don’t forget to shut the doors again when you switch the fan off.”

Add some bamboo bedding

Traditional, heavy mattresses are very effective at absorbing heat from bodies and their surroundings.

Ms Flowers said these are perfect in winter, but less so in summertime. With that in mind, Ms Flowers suggested: “Try adding a bamboo mattress topper when temperatures soar, as it won’t soak up the heat like your mattress will.”

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