British Gas customers handed £400 off energy bills with one change this summer | Personal Finance | Finance

British Gas customers could save up to 25 percent on their energy bills by switching to solar energy.

By applying for the free Hive Solar Saver add-on Brits could shave an average of £399.50 off their annual household electricity bills.

As well as helping reduce reliance on power stations, solar panels help give house owners the flexibility to use less electricity on overcast or rainy days, and switch on appliances and get everything charged up during bright sunshine, meaning customers could save even more once they have panels in place.

And all-electric households will likely save even more than £399.50 by using solar panels for heating instead of only using grid electricity.

To apply for the savings you’ll need to have solar panels or a battery installed between 22nd May 2024 and 30th September 2024 or with a quote accepted before 30th September 2024.

Post installation, customers will receive an email application from Hive.

To be eligible you will need to be on the new system, with a supply to the same address as your solar or battery. You will also need to have a smart meter installed and to pay for your energy by Direct Debit.

If you’re unsure if you are on the new system you can check by confirming that your account number starts with the letter ‘A’ or ‘BGX’.

This offer is only available to new customers that purchase solar or battery from Hive between the 22nd May 2024 and 30th September 2024.

You can sign up for Hive Solar Saver if you are on a time-of-use tariff such as Electric Driver or an Economy 7 tariff, however, you’ll only receive the 25 percent discount on your electricity usage during the peak period.

For example, if you’re on the Electric Driver tariff you’d receive the 25 percent discount on your electricity consumption between 5am and midnight each day (the peak period).

You’re also eligible for Hive Solar Saver if you have Hive SmartCharge or FreeCharge enabled. You’ll see two credits on your bill each month, one for your EV usage and the other for Hive Solar Saver.

Your credits are equal to your electricity consumption in your previous billing cycle multiplied by 25 percent. If you’re on a time-of-use tariff (where you’re charged more than one unit rate), the 25 percent discount will only apply to your consumption during the peak period.

Your smart meter readings are used to calculate your electricity usage during your billing period, if for any reason your smart meter doesn’t provide data to work out your consumption, for example, if your meter stops sending readings, British Gas may have to estimate your usage and payment.

You can also earn by selling energy to the Grid with Export and Earn Plus, through the smart export guarantee tariff.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a government scheme that pays homes and businesses for any excess electricity they generate through renewable technologies like solar panels and export to the grid. British Gas are a mandated SEG licensee.

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