Amazon’s ‘bargain’ under £80 air fryer is ‘as good as Ninja but half the price’

As energy bills remain high, many households are choosing to cut down on oven use.

Daily cooking with a conventional oven can be costly, but luckily air fryers are much cheaper to run.

The compact and sleek designs mean hot air is circulating around a smaller area, which can mean two things – less energy is used and crisper results are achieved.

Leading brand Ninja is popular but also out of reach for many, with its premium devices often costing hundreds.

There are plenty of much cheaper alternatives to choose from, including the EMtronics Dual Air Fryer on Amazon, which costs £79.99 and is being directly compared to Ninja by shoppers.

Buy: EMtronics Dual Air Fryer (£79.99)

The stainless steel air fryer has a nine-litre capacity, which is ideal for larger families and hosting guests, as it can fit enough for several portions.

The dual-drawer design is ideal for cooking different types of food simultaneously and as with many air fryers, it uses little to no oil to cook food, so can help with healthier eating too.

Versatility is one of the benefits of investing in an air fryer, and this one has eight pre-set cooking programmes, including bake, roast and ‘keep warm’ functions.

Supermarkets are starting to introduce air fryer instructions on their food packaging, which makes it a lot easier to judge cooking times, plus with air fryers’ rise in popularity, there are plenty of recipes online.

With over a thousand ratings on Amazon, shoppers are calling the air fryer ‘very smart and nice looking’.

Mrs Sarah Mahoney said: ”This is brilliant. As good as a Ninja but half the price.”

Brian and Otis commented: ”We had a different make of a single air fryer, but Emtronics is in a whole different league. Have only used the fryer twice so far and after reading the instructions a few times managed to use the two baskets successfully. For the money this is a great bargain.”

Del Hump also added: ”Looked really good but was just too big for us and complicated, but it was very smart and nice looking.”

Some shoppers said they would prefer a smaller and simpler air fryer, in which case the Ninja Air Fryer MAX, which is currently on sale for £99.99, could be a good choice.

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