Warhammer maker Games Workshop dishes out £18 million in bonuses to staff | Personal Finance | Finance

Games Workshop has generously shared a whopping £18 million with its staff following a surge in sales and profits for the Warhammer figurine creator.

The firm, rooted in Nottingham, expressed its gratitude by distributing cash payments “on an equal basis to each member of staff” as a nod to their role in the company’s robust financial results.

Boasting over 1,500 employees at its UK headquarters and additional personnel in international offices and stores, Games Workshop is celebrating its workforce’s dedication.

In the previous year, the company had allocated £11 million in “group profit share” bonuses among its team members.

Looking at the figures, Games Workshop anticipates a pre-tax profit for the year ending June to be no less than £200 million, a significant leap from the previous year’s £171 million.

This financial triumph is mirrored in the projected increase in total sales, which are expected to have soared from £445 million to £490 million compared to last year.

An early glimpse into the FTSE 250-listed company’s financial health was provided to eager shareholders, triggering a spike in share price by up to 10 percent on Wednesday morning.

The iconic company, famed for its Warhammer hobby figurines and miniatures, caters to enthusiasts both online and in stores throughout the UK.

Moreover, Games Workshop capitalises on its intellectual property by licensing it to entertainment and gaming firms, leading to spin-off shows and products that raked in £30 million last year alone.

Earlier this year, the fantasy game giant inked a deal with Amazon, paving the way for the production of films and TV series based on its popular games.

Henry Cavill, known for his role as Superman and a self-proclaimed fan of the hobby, is set to contribute to the development of a Warhammer Cinematic Universe, based on the popular franchise Warhammer 40,000.

AJ Bell’s investment analyst, Dan Coatsworth, commented that the “numbers spoke for themselves, with profit expected to beat market expectations” for Games Workshop.

“Licensing income is really picking up, which is important to Games Workshop’s strategy of trying to sweat its assets and find more ways to commercially exploit its intellectual property.”

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