‘Very effective’ ways to get rid of mosquitoes – pests ‘hate’ the smell

Mosquitoes often enter the home in search of a warm, dark place with plenty of moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Luckily, there are several ways to deter them completely, whether you’re in the garden or inside the home.

Chris Bonnett, founder of GardeningExpress.co.uk, said: “There are simple and very effective ways to repel insects. It’s important to keep food covered and areas clean to prevent bugs with food odours.

“A lot of these tricks involve using common household items, plants and foods and they’re all great alternatives for chemical insect sprays.”

1. Plants

There are several plants which can be planted both inside the home and outside to help repel mosquitoes.

This includes plants such as lavender, chrysanthemums, marigolds and lemongrass.

According to the expert, mosquitoes “hate” these plants because of the strong scents which they will steer clear of.

2. Candles

Chris said: “Citronella oil is known to repel bugs, so light some citronella candles. Not only will they drive away insects, but the candles also create a cosy atmosphere and release an aromatic smell.”

What’s more, similar to plants, they can be used both inside and outside the home, although they are more common in the garden on a summer evening.

3. Keep food odours to a minimum

Britons should make sure they clean up any food debris, and spillages as well as regularly emptying kitchen bins.

Mosquitoes as well as other pests are attracted to any food in the kitchen as it is said they love potassium-rich foods as well as salty snacks.

Any foods in the kitchen should be covered until they are ready to be served, or stored correctly in the fridge.

4. Using foods

The gardening expert continued: “Certain foods can actually help to deter bugs, so feel free to leave these out to keep the insects away by releasing a distinctive smell that the bugs hate.

“Such foods include garlic, onions, lemons and grapefruit which you can place on plates and spread around the area to keep the insects well away.”

5. Herbs

Planting herbs in the garden as well as on the kitchen windowsill means “bugs won’t come near your dishes” while cooking or eating, according to the expert.

This includes sage, rosemary, basil and chives which again will deter mosquitoes due to their strong scents.

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