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Seismic activity has increased at Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia as authorities advise the community to remain calm. 

In the department of Caldas, according to the latest bulletin issued by the Colombian Geological Service (SGC), there is a seismicity increase inside the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, due to the activity of the lava dome.

The Risk Management authorities in the region ensure that the yellow alert remains. They have also called on the community not to generate false information.

John Makario Londoño, director of Geohazards of the SGC, reported through social networks that the seismic activity presented last Monday by the Nevado del Ruiz volcano was “one of the episodes of the longest duration and with the highest number of events since 2015 – the year in which this type of seismicity was first detected”.

The Colombian Geological Service (SGC) reported that in the week between June 18 and 25, the volcano was unstable.

It comes after Colombia has experienced 61 earthquakes, with magnitudes ranging from 1.1 up to 3.3, in Bogota and Santander over the past 24 hours, according to VolcanoDiscovery

An announcement by the entity in charge recommended visitors to Los Nevados Park not to approach the volcano, especially in the area of the crater, taking into account that the current activity could represent a serious danger for people.

The SGC said: “On the other hand, in this state of volcanic alert there may be some earthquakes that can be felt.

“The SGC is calling on visitors to Los Nevados National Park to stay away from the areas closest to the Arenas crater, where access is restricted, as the persistence of thermal anomalies, the activity related to the lava dome and the frequent emissions of gases and ash make this sector of the park dangerous for the life and integrity of people.”

They also suggested that travellers avoid making prolonged stops on roads where the volcano is present, as they recalled that volcanic activity is alarming.

“It is also recommended not to stop for long periods of time on the Murillo – Cerro Gualí road, particularly in the canyons of the Gualí, Azufrado and Lagunilla rivers, which originate in the volcano, as they are in the high volcanic threat zone,” they added.

The Nevado del Ruiz volcano has been erupting for the last ten years. 

The SGC’s technical director of geohazards highlighted that, although the volcano has been showing seismic activity for a long time, the events of the last few days are the most striking.

However, Londoño pointed out that the volcanic alert status remains at yellow due to the fact that the parameters used to measure the level of risk remain the same, despite the increase in earthquakes inside the crate. 

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