Tim Henman stopped by police in Wimbledon as tennis legend speaks out | Tennis | Sport

Former tennis player Tim Henman told of his surprise after being pulled over by the police.

The 49-year-old star thought officers must be chasing someone else when he saw the blue lights in his mirror.

But was taken aback when they stopped him.

Henman, in an interview with Radio 5 Live, said: “I was driving home late last night, about quarter to 12 and I saw the flashing lights about a hundred yards behind me.

“I was driving and thought, ‘well, I’ll just pull over and let them scuttle on by’.

“And all of a sudden the police car was next to me. So, I wound down the window and there was a policewoman driving and a policeman in the passenger seat and they said: ‘Where have you come from?’ And I said: ‘Er, Wimbledon.’

“And the woman officer said: ‘[We’ve had] reports of a Range Rover that has been fleeing the scene of an incident’, at which point the officer in the passenger seat turned to her and said: ‘I don’t think it was him.’ I thought, okay perfect.”

Henman is working at the All England Club as a pundit for the BBC.

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