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Australia is one of the world’s most fascinating and geographically diverse countries, one that has excited and intrigued people for hundreds of years.

What’s more, as the time to travel to Australia has reduced over the decades, its most remote and beautiful natural wonders have become more accessible too.

One of those is a region known as the Kimberley. According to the website, it is three times bigger than England but has a population of less than 40,000.

Furthermore, it could now soon see its population grow temporarily as a new cruise ship operator takes paying tourists to see some of its most famous landmarks.

Running aboard a ship such as the Scenic Eclipse II, people can view Kimberley’s epic coastline and natural features in great comfort and luxury.

This includes the Montgomery Reef, a series of waterfalls, and Raft Point. Speaking to The Telegraph about the new cruises, discovery team leader Alice Forrest said: “We want to make you feel like tiny specks in this huge, beautiful landscape and connect you to the world’s oldest living culture.”

The route of the cruise is long but varied travelling from Darwin in the North to Broome in the South via the King George River, Vansittart Bay, Ashmore Reef, Swift Bay, Hunter River, and Hanover Bay.

Also included is a stop at Montgomery Reef, Talbot Bay, the Buccaneer Archipelago, and Cape Leveque before finishing off in Broome.

Also included in the tour for those looking to take a look at the Kimberley from an entirely different angle is a miniature submarine that brings people beneath the waves to see the wildlife.

On what people can find in the region, the Australia site added: “Here you’ll find prolific wildlife, majestic canyons, freshwater swimming holes and several outback stations, as well as one of Australia’s greatest 4WD road trips.

“Despite the area’s remoteness, it’s also a place of great food, luxury accommodation, friendly locals and one of the most romantic beach towns on Earth.”

Over time, the Kimberley has developed a large following. Writing on Tripadvisor, one person said: Visited Montgomery Reef on our Kimberley cruise. An amazing experience seeing the water flow off the reef – going up channels on the reef in the small boats – lots of wildlife – birds, turtles, etc.

A second said: “Watching the water drop from high tide to then expose the Reef is one of the most stunning experiences in the Kimberley region.

“This is best done in small watercraft such as Zodiacs so that you can navigate around the Reef. Watching the water rush out of the Reef in rivulets and then large streams is unforgettable. The bird life is amazing too.”

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