Sir Jim Ratcliffe at odds with Man Utd staff as latest INEOS demand creates ‘pushback’ | Football | Sport

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has reportedly caused friction at Manchester United by implementing a new rule as part of his rebuilding plan at Old Trafford. INEOS have wasted no time in getting to work at United, with Sir Dave Brailsford conducting a thorough audit on the club in a bid to turn their fortunes around.

Ratcliffe has also taken a hands-on approach to improving the culture at United, having withdrawn access to private cars for the majority of staff members. He has also ordered those with hybrid working arrangements to return to the office, with The Athletic reporting that staff were informed via email on Thursday.

It is said that Ratcliffe is looking to place an emphasis on ‘connection and collaboration’ to achieve his goal of restoring United’s former glories. This will see flexible working arrangements brought to an end, with all staff required to return to the office permanently from next month.

The plans were said to have received ‘pushback’ from interim chief executive Patrick Stewart, who was reportedly eager to protect the existing arrangements. However, it was announced last week that Stewart will soon be replaced by Jean-Claude Blanc before Omar Berrada arrives from Manchester City.

Like many businesses, United have operated in a flexible working environment since the pandemic with staff spending less time in the office. Many employees are said to have grown dependent on their hybrid arrangements in aiding childcare and work-life balance, which suggests that Ratcliffe’s plans may not be universally popular.

The report adds that United will need to make changes to accommodate for all employees returning to work in their Manchester and London offices. It is said there are not enough desks at either location to fit every staff member, while a portion of their Manchester office space has been turned into matchday hospitality.

Ratcliffe is also keen to cut costs at United, having reportedly cancelled the corporate credit cards of heads of department. Members of staff will also be required to pay £20 each to travel to the FA Cup final on club coaches and will not be provided with food between Manchester and London.

Interpath Advisory, a consultancy firm specialising in restructuring big companies, have been appointed by Ratcliffe to investigate United’s spending across all departments. Last month, it was reported that preliminary results had found the Glazers were ‘wasting a lot of money’, with INEOS having been advised on ways to reduce costs.

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