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Masters fiery rants

After being told of Carter’s comments regarding his conduct during their match, O’Sullivan then unleashed a tirade of X-rated rants at his opponent, making it clear that any reminiscents of friendship were long gone.

He urged Carter to “sort his f***ing life out” and claimed that “he’s got issues” in an incredulous barrage of insults towards his fellow professional.

“I haven’t spoken to him for 20 years,” O’Sullivan said. “I played with him when he was a kid and shared a lot of stuff with him. “For him to come out and try to trash talk me like that, do you know what? He can have one of them. He can sit on it as far as I’m concerned. I don’t give a f***. You know what he’s like, everybody knows what he’s like. He’s got issues.

“F***ing why has he got issues with me? I’m not having it. I don’t care, grow some balls. I don’t give a f***. The more he brings it on, the more I f***ing punish him every time. Absolutely. He’s just digging a grave for himself. He needs to sort his f***ing life out. Playing snooker against someone like that is a nightmare. He’s not a nice person. It’s not a nice vibe he leaves around the table.”

And having not met since O’Sullivan stuck his middle finger up towards Carter following their feisty Masters encounter, the Tour Championship on Wednesday sets the stage for an awkward reunion.


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