Putin forcing injured troops back to ‘typhoid and cholera’-infected frontline | World | News

Vladimir Putin is reportedly forcing injured troops back to a “typhoid and cholera”-infected frontline.

Bacterial infections rife on the frontlines are causing problems for Russia‘s continued assault on Ukraine, with maimed soldiers being refused medical treatment and being told they must head back to the frontlines.

Their refusal of medical treatment and return to the frontlines comes as shocking reports reveal typhoid and cholera outbreaks on the Russian front with Putin trying to move more assault groups into the hotspots.

Anastasia Kashevarova, a pro-war blogger, shared footage of mutilated soldiers missing limbs being sent back to the frontline.

She said: “I can’t watch our men die on crutches and remain silent.”

Footage showed the men with “plastered limbs” being sent back to posts in the most dangerous parts of the invasion of Ukraine. She believes Ukrainians would “enjoy” images of the injured soldiers headed to the front.

The walking wounded from the 26th Armoured Regiment, 47th Division pleaded: “More than 50 of us arrived from hospitals, the remnants of three companies.

“Our command is sending us in groups to combat missions. But everyone here requires surgery and hospital treatment.

“The documents we were given in the hospitals clearly state that we should be given leave due to wounds. We need further treatment and rehabilitation. None of this is fulfilled, on the contrary. [Wounded] servicemen are sent on combat missions.”

Separate footage emerged of Pavel, 34, being ordered to fight in an assault group despite losing his leg and being the sole career for his 11-year-old daughter.

The loss of a limb and care for his daughter did not stop Pavel from being listed as a category A fitness individual, meaning he will be sent to the front where a number of cholera and typhoid outbreaks have been documented.

An official death toll from the illnesses has not been revealed, but a number of fatalities were confirmed. Russian troops are given just 18 litres of water per month on the frontlines and they have since been made reliant on dirty water from rivers and wells, it has been claimed.

One report read: “The problem with water near the Dnipro River is due to hot weather and infectious diseases in it. And there are too many corpses in it.”

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