Police called to Drake’s home after another trespasser tried to access his property

A person tried to gain access to Drake’s mansion in Toronto on Thursday afternoon, according to law enforcement, the second to do so this week.

Police said the trespasser was confronted by security guards on the property and later taken to a hospital after the altercation.

Police said they are investigating the incident. Representatives for Drake declined to comment.

The incident comes after another trespasser was apprehended at the rapper’s home on Wednesday. A source familiar with Drake’s property told NBC News at the time that the person was “immediately confronted at the gate by security and turned over to the police.”

Police said the incident Wednesday was not a criminal matter. They said details would not be released about the person in accordance with the Ontario Mental Health Act.

The act “provides a means for people to receive an emergency assessment without their consent through support of a Physician, or a Justice of the Peace,” police said.

The trespassing incidents follow a shooting on Drake’s property that seriously injured a security guard on Tuesday morning. The guard was “shot from a vehicle which then fled the scene,” police said in a news release.

Motives around the shooting and trespassers have not been made public. Drake has been embroiled in a feud with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar in recent weeks, resulting in various diss tracks that fling accusations at each other. Lamar’s most recent diss track toward Drake, titled “Not Like Us,” featured a picture of Drake’s mansion and the name of the street it is on.

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