Oscar Piastri blasts ’embarrassing’ FIA call after suffering Austrian GP heartbreak | F1 | Sport

Oscar Piastri blasted the ’embarrassing’ decision to strip him of his final flying lap during Q3 at the Austrian Grand Prix. The young Aussie would have started in P7 but saw his time deleted for a track limit violation.

Piastri has shown pace all weekend long at the Red Bull Ring and looked set to follow up his P2 sprint race finish with a P3 starting grid slot before a flirtation with the gravel at Turn Six forced the stewards to delete his lap time.

The 23-year-old will instead line up in P7 with only Sergio Perez the only driver from the top four teams starting below him on the grid. This did not go down well with Piastri.

Piastri’s fury was linked to the fact that the Red Bull Ring invested heavily in new gravel traps across the circuit to combat the track limits fiasco that saw the FIA inundated with 1200 track limit violations during the 2023 Austrian GP.

“For me it’s embarrassing,” he told Sky Sports F1. “We did all of this work for track limits, put gravel in places, and I didn’t even go off the track. I stayed on the track. It was probably my best Turn Six and it gets deleted.

“I don’t know why they’ve spent hundreds of thousands trying to change the last two corners when you still have corners you can go off. But, anyway, everyone else kept it in the track, I didn’t. That’s how it goes.”

The McLaren star was then asked to elaborate on his comments, adding: “That was probably the best Turn Six I took. I was right to the limit of the track, I think that’s what everyone wants to see.

“Again, we have spent so much effort trying to get rid of these problems. There is no reason this corner should be an issue for track limits, especially when you stay on the track, like I did, or not on the gravel.

“So, yeah, for me being the only one that has had that happen to me I’m probably more vocal about it right now but I think it’s embarrassing that you see us pushing right to the limit of what we can do and one centimetre more I’m in the gravel and completely ruin my lap anyway – and it gets deleted.”

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