Mystery as British sailor ‘found dead in sea’ off Greek coast | World | News

The death of a British sailor found dead off a Greek island is “puzzling” – local authorities have said.

Authorities believe the 44-year-old man was almost certainly unconscious before he hit the water.

The man’s body was found “floating in the sea” in the old port area of Spetses, the Mirror reports.

In an update, the coastguard said the man, who has not been identified, had suffered “a hit” to the left-hand side of the head before he ended up in the sea.

Speaking to The Sun, an official said: “There was a gash to the left side of his head, a wound that is puzzling us.

“He seems to have been hit. We hope to have answers soon because right now it is a mystery as to how he died.”

The man’s body has been taken to Piraeus on the Greek mainland.

A post-mortem report is expected to be released in the coming days, but it is believed it could be several months before an “exact cause of death” is confirmed.

It was initially thought the sailor had fallen into the sea from a wharf, however this is currently contested.

According to the Mirror, an unnamed police source said: “Some are now saying he fell from a boat.

“What is sure is that he had an injury on the left side of his head and was almost certainly unconscious when he fell into the sea.”

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