‘My neighbour’s cheeky parking request is absolutely insane’

There’s nothing more infuriating than having your own parking space invaded.

This was the dilemma faced by one woman, whose neighbour’s clients were constantly blocking her driveway.

Despite the inconvenience, her neighbour refused to “police” her clients’ parking habits and instead suggested the woman should surrender her spot during business hours.

“I live in a duplex converted garage/main house. I am in the converted garage. We are both tenants. My neighbour, Susan, uses a portion of her house as a business. Our driveway has two parking spaces, one for each unit per our lease. Susan parks on the street giving her parking space to her clients, and I utilise my space,” she wrote on Reddit.

The entrance to their shared parking was described as “very small”, leading to situations where clients park in such a way that “they block the entire driveway, almost blocking the whole sidewalk”.

In response to these obstructions, the woman said she would either “knock on her door or text requesting her customers move forward”. She recounted: “She started the conversation with requesting [I] park on the street during her business hours so she doesn’t have to ‘police’ her clients. Her business hours are 12 to 6, Monday- Saturday. I work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

“I offered to park on the street Monday through Friday 9 to 5, but giving up one of my only days off is off the table. I also suggested signage. To tell her clients to pull forward.”

The neighbour then demanded the original poster purchase a sign for her. “At this point, I was over the whole situation and told her to stop bringing it up with me because it’s not my responsibility to tell her clients how to use her parking space properly,” she vented.

In the comments, one person advised: “[You are] not the a**hole. Perhaps you should buy a sign. ‘Resident parking only. All other vehicles will be towed. All vehicles blocking the driveway will be towed’.”

Another suggested: “Realistically, it’s her business and it’s her responsibility to get the sign and inform her clients. Give her a time frame to get a sign and fix the behaviour of the clients (maybe a week or two max) and if she doesn’t do it within that time, go straight to the landlord. You’re paying for that designated spot and should be able to use it.”

A third commenter questioned the legality of the situation: “Is it legal for her to run a business out of her home? If not, I’m sure you can figure out what to do with that information. Otherwise, it’s your spot, you don’t have to not park there if you don’t want to. Her problems aren’t your problems unless you let them become your problems. If she wants to use a sign, she can get her own.”

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