Martin Lewis sends warning to millions of drivers as one mistake will cost thousands | Personal Finance | Finance

Martin Lewis has issued a warning about a supposed car insurance hack that some drivers are using.

The Money Saving Expert cautioned that “fronting” can lead to serious trouble, as it is actually considered fraud.

“Fronting” involves a car owner listing a parent or relative as the primary driver of their vehicle to reduce insurance costs.

Lewis warned that unless the parent or relative is genuinely the main user of the car, this practice is fraudulent.

In his newsletter, he wrote: “This is ‘fronting,’ and it’s fraud. It will be checked if you make a claim, and the insurance will be invalid if you’re caught. You could even be prosecuted. Don’t do it.”

However, Lewis explained that you can still lower your insurance quote by adding a family member with a good driving record as a secondary driver.

This can make you appear less risky and reduce prices.

He advised trying different combinations, such as adding one parent, then removing them and adding the other, and finally trying both.

One father, Marc, shared with Lewis that this tip saved him 30 percent of his son’s insurance bill.

He said: “I renewed my 18-year-old son’s car insurance and saved a whopping £450 by adding my wife as a named driver. Massive thanks.”

The newsletter also urged motorists to check if they are overpaying for their insurance.

It noted that even if you are not near renewal, you may be able to lock in a price to avoid future increases for a year.

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