Martin Lewis fan boosts their finances by £600 by following one simple tip | Personal Finance | Finance

A Brit has revealed how a tip from Martin Lewis helped them boost their finances by £600. The Money Saving Expert (MSE) newsletter recently shared the success story of an individual named Eve, who followed Martin’s advice on claiming back energy credit.

If you pay your energy bills by direct debit, your supplier will calculate your annual costs based on average use and divide it by 12 to determine your monthly payments. This method, as explained by Martin, helps to balance out your energy bills so you’re not hit with high costs during the winter months.

According to this week’s MSE newsletter, Brits should have the lowest amount of energy credit in their accounts at the start of summer. Therefore, if you have more than one month’s worth of bill payments in there, it’s considered “too much” and you should request a refund, the Mirror reports.


For instance, if your direct debit is £150 a month and you have £300 credit in your energy account, you should ask for £150 back. If you have less, then you should keep the credit in your energy account and consider increasing your monthly payments as suggested by Martin.

Eve, a reader of MSE, spoke about her own involvement with her provider Utility Warehouse and was thrilled to find herself £600 in credit. She contacted them requesting a reimbursement and confirmed receiving it within just four days.

Eve stated: “I got in touch with my supplier Utility Warehouse, as I was £600 in credit. Asked for it to be refunded – no issues at all. Money was in my bank account within four days.”

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