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A travel content creator has revealed which country he deems “the best in the world” after visiting every one by the age of just 33.

Drew Binsky, from Arizona, has ticked off every country in the world from his travel list since 2012.

His adventures have taken him to Indigenous tribes in Africa and on road trips around Cuba, but one destination stood out above the rest.

When asked the best country he’s ever visited, Drew told UNILAD: “I would say the Philippines. I think it’s the most beautiful country in the world, super safe and full of nice people.

“It’s like everything you could want in one country.”

But he doesn’t want to live there permanently. Instead, Binsky and his wife have plans to relocate to Dubai for its “culture.”

Despite being a seasoned traveller, Binsky has faced some challenges, particularly when trying to enter Venezuela due to his American passport.

He revealed: “I ended up getting the visa from the Venezuelan embassy but they were difficult because of the sanctions and political tensions between the US and Venezuela, but I was able to get one last minute.

Binsky’s experiences led him to document his life and inspired him to establish his own country. “I ran out of countries, so I created my own,” Williams, a late-night “slow jams” radio host, told CNN.

“One of the reasons I created Slowjamastan was because, after 193 countries, I wanted a 194th”

Slowjamastan is situated on an 11.07-acre plot of desert land off Southern California’s Route 78, which was purchased in October 2021 for $19,000.

The United Territories of the Sovereign Nation of the People’s Republic of Slowjamastan was declared a sovereign entity on December 1, 2021.

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