How to get rid of mosquitoes: ‘Naturally repel’ them without using harsh chemicals

It is now mosquito season in the UK which means these pesky bugs will continue to bite and be a nuisance unless you learn how to put a stop to them. 

Krissa Gonzalez, a pest control specialist from Mosquito Shield has shared that while you can use pesticides to kill mosquitos, you can also as easily “naturally repel” mosquitoes without having to resort to harsh chemicals around your home. 

She said: “Natural mosquito deterrents create the barrier around your home and mask your mosquito attractants. Pesticides can’t do that.” 

Mosquitos heavily rely on their sense of smell to locate people to bite them for their blood, and plants produce strong smells which overwhelm and distort their ability to find their target. 

Krissa said: “Luckily, there are many natural mosquito deterrents that can do the trick. Some are irritants that can shut down the mosquito receptors. Others have powerful smells that block the attractants.” 

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What scents keep mosquitoes away? 

Eucalyptus is one best scents to keep mosquitoes away as it produces a sweet pine and minty smell which keeps mosquitoes away. It is best to place eucalyptus leaves around your windowsill to effectively deter mosquitoes from entering your home. 

Krissa said: “In addition to eucalyptus trees producing a sweet smell that repels mosquitoes, there’s also a special kind of oil that can be extracted from the leaves known as oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE)

“OLE is quickly gaining a reputation for itself as the most effective natural repellent. In fact, Consumer Reports tested multiple OLE products and found that they offer between 5-7 hours of complete protection. The CDC and EPA has also certified OLE as safe and effective to use against mosquitoes.” 

Lavender will also keep mosquitoes away and there is plenty of ways to implement it. You can hang lavender sachets around your home, burn lavender-scented candles or even plant lavender near windows and doorways in your garden. 

However, you can also use lavender body products such as body lotions or hair products will can help stop mosquitoes from biting you. 

Krissa explained: “The strong smell of lavender may make it difficult for mosquitoes to track you down by your lactic acid. Its linalool oil is also alcohol that inhibits mosquito receptors the same way over-the-counter bug spray does.” 

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Homemade remedy to keep mosquitoes away from your home 

Most natural mosquito repellents are also essential oils which you can add a few drops to with water to make a homemade spray to keep mosquitoes away. 

You can also add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil to an empty spray bottle with apple cider vinegar or coconut oil, which are also very effective deterrents. 

Mosquitos are attracted to smells such as body odour, carbon dioxide and other smells emitted from humans that they hate. A homemade mosquito spray can mask the scents as well as repel mosquitos. 

Krissa said: “Each of these solutions works on the same principles we’ve covered: masking our signals like lactic acid built up from sweat or our CO2 emissions from breathing.” 

However, it should be noted that essential oils can be extremely poisonous to cats and dogs so you should never use them around your home if you have pets. Instead, use a homemade spray made up of freshly squeezed lemon juice and water as the smell of citrus can also repel mosquitoes. 

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