Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for June 27


Make sure you don’t get complacent when it comes to family matters. Now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your home. If you’re thinking about selling a property, working together as a team will accomplish a lot in getting your house ready to sell. Keep professional expectations realistic to increase your chances of success.


Stories you’re hearing from family and friends on social media can be unsettling and this will affect your personal life. It’s best to discuss issues and concerns in person or over the phone as online messages won’t provide all the necessary information. Make sure to distinguish between truth and rumours before making any decisions.


It’s pointless worrying about some recent extravagance. It’s done and cannot be undone. Focus on settling the bill and take it as a learning experience. It might be difficult to move forward right now. Do whatever it takes to break free from any negative thoughts or situations that are impeding your progress.


Giving others the power to control the direction of your life is not what progress is about. All this means is that you are surrendering your own power to someone else. Even if they believe they are making the best decisions, the truth is they cannot truly understand what is best for you and your life.


Be cautious about accepting information shared privately in the workplace. Showing interest in an internal training program can accelerate your progress within your company. Today presents an opportunity to come up with new ideas, formulate different strategies, set goals, and potentially transform yourself.


People who value your logical perspective will be open to your suggestions. This might be the perfect day to start implementing new plans. Just make sure that you don’t let an impatient friend or coworker persuade you into taking shortcuts. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time.


It might be a little late but your boss or a senior colleague will come through with a promise. An offer they made you a long time ago has been remembered and finally they will explain how it is going to work even though terms and conditions will apply.


An unforeseen problem will force you to have to confront a tough decision. You must decide whether to move forward with plans involving family members or postpone them, risking disappointment for a loved one. Mixing finances with friends could result in an awkward situation.


If there are household repairs that cannot be left any longer, apply for a home-improvement loan. Or you might make use of joint financial resources to tackle necessary home projects. If you are in the process of purchasing or renting a home, a completion date will at last be given.


Be cautious of a negative relationship dynamic that could impact your professional reputation. If a friend’s requests cause tension between you and your partner, consider prioritising your commitments to protect a long-term relationship. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you.


In times of uncertainty, it is advisable to turn your attention towards your own life and the areas and aspects you can control and have influence over. By setting achievable goals and making plans you can actively pursue, you will have more chances of turning them into reality.


Take a little time to reflect on your current aims and aspirations. This will help you determine what you really want out of life. Once you have a clear vision, you can start working on a plan to turn your hopes into reality. You need to focus your attention on what you want rather than conform to the expectations of others.

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