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Glastonbury festival-goers will be relieved to hear that the first day of this year’s event at Worthy Farm is not expected to be a complete washout, with weather experts predicting a mix of rain clouds and potentially a generous spell of summer sunshine. Thousands have already started flocking to the festival site on Wednesday for one of the globe’s largest music festivals.

A multitude of these music enthusiasts arrived prepared for five days of musical chaos, regardless of the weather conditions. This is fortunate, as the inaugural day of headliners at Glastonbury Festival is anticipated to be sprinkled with rain showers before being bathed in afternoon sunlight.

Today’s Met Office forecasts suggest that campers will be greeted by typical British drizzle and dense cloud when they emerge from their tents. However, it also assures that the rain and clouds should disperse over Worthy Farm before the first headliner, Dua Lipa, graces the stage.

Despite the blistering temperatures at the beginning of the week, many journeying to Glastonbury witnessed the weather shift towards cooler and damper conditions, with dark grey clouds looming over the festival site.

However, today’s forecast offers something different for the hundreds of thousands of people set to spend the day dancing to some of the world’s most renowned musicians, reports the Mirror.

From 6am, there will be light drizzle and cloud, but with some sunshine piercing through. By 7am, this will merge into a light rain shower as temperatures rise to 14C at Worthy Farm.

The rain is expected to ease by 8am, with the sun likely to break through the clouds. This weather pattern will persist until around 10am, when it will start to feel warmer as the clouds disperse and the rain ceases completely.

Festival attendees can expect alternating periods of sunshine and cloud until midday, when dark grey clouds are forecasted to return, according to the Met Office. However, the sun will reappear and by 4pm, festivalgoers can enjoy uninterrupted sunshine for the remainder of the day.

Daytime temperatures are predicted to reach a high of 18C by 2pm, dropping to 11C overnight into Saturday.

The Met Office‘s forecast for Somerset states: “Today will see a mixture of sunny spells, patchy cloud, and the odd light shower in the morning. In the afternoon, any showers will clear, and most patches of cloud too, leaving plenty of sunshine.”

“After an abundance of late sunshine this evening, tonight will continue with clear skies initially. Later on, areas of cloud will drift in from the west.”

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