German police hunting Euro 2024 suspect who hospitalised fan after biting him | Football | Sport

Police in Germany are investigating an incident at Euro 2024 in which a young Croatia fan was allegedly bitten by a woman during a melee for Luka Ivanusec’s shirt. The incident was said to have taken place after Croatia’s draw with Italy in Leipzig on Monday night.

Lenard Barisic, a Croatia supporter, posted a video on Instagram showing the damage to his shoulder after the horrifying ordeal. Police have since confirmed they are looking for a female suspect with the incident being treated as an alleged robbery.

A police spokesperson told The Mirror: “We can inform you that a robbery happened around 11.10pm. A 20-year-old man caught the jersey of a player and unknown suspects tried to take it from him.

“An unknown woman bit him on the shoulder, causing the 20-year-old to release the jersey and the suspects to steal it. The 20-year-old was injured and taken to a hospital. The criminal police is now investigating on suspicion of robbery.”

Barisic is a member of a band known as the Croatian Guards and was playing in Leipzig before kick-off as thousands of fans descended on the German city. It is said that Ivanusec has privately contacted Barisic, promising to send him a signed shirt in light of the ordeal.

Around 100,000 people from Croatia were said to have travelled to Germany for the Euros as their team were knocked out in the group stages. There was a heavy police presence in Leipzig on Monday, with officers carrying out video surveillance from windows in the city centre.

Lower Saxony Police issued a statement after the game, which read: “The football match ended 1-1 at around 10.55pm. During the game, police in the stadium had to take criminal prosecution measures. Throwing cups and the use of pyrotechnics required criminal prosecution.

“After the game, the stadium quickly emptied. At this football match, drone defence also found four drones in the restricted flight zone, brought them to land and opened investigations against the pilots identified for violating the Aviation Act.

“During the entire operation, 45 criminal offences and five administrative offences were registered. As the numerous crimes in the market area and during the fan walks have not yet been evaluated, a significant increase in the number of cases is to be expected. So far, 15 suspects have been identified.

“Investigations have been opened primarily for attempted dangerous bodily harm in connection with the ignition of pyrotechnics, but also for incitement, the use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations, bodily harm, trespassing and violations of the Aviation Act.”

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