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The DWP owes you up to £5,644 if you have these six symptoms of a common but little publicised debilitating health condition.

A condition known as AMD, or macular degeneration, is an optical condition which affects your vision and slowly gets worse over time.

Famously, Hollywood superstar Dame Judi Dench suffers from AMD and has described how it created difficulties for her reading film scripts.

Neil Laird, Special Optometrist at Pure Optical, said: “AMD generally affects those over 55, becoming increasingly more common the older you get as your macula begins to deteriorate.

“This condition affects the middle of your vision, leading to blurring or black spots that can make it hard to read, recognise faces or drive, and as it progresses, puts sufferers at risk of falls and other injuries.”

Unfortunately for sufferers of this condition, there is currently no cure for AMD, meaning as the disease progresses, sufferers will need additional support, making them eligible for over £5,644 in government funding per year.

Mr Laird continues: “Depending on their age and the severity of the disease, those with AMD can receive up to £108.55 per week, or £434.20 per month to cover extra living costs, such as paying for a carer, transport, or adaptations to the home.

“Those over 16 but under the current state pension age of 66 can apply for Personal Independence Payments (PIP), while those 66+ can apply for Attendance Allowance. Both have a lower rate of £72.65 and a higher rate of £108.55, meaning those with AMD could receive either £3,777.80 or £5,644.60 per year.”

6 symptoms which show you Might Have Macular Degeneration (AMD):

Gaps or dark spots in your vision

Sensitivity and difficulty adjusting to light

A blurred or distorted spot in your vision.

Straight lines look wavy

Seeing things that are not there (hallucinations)

Colours seem duller

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