Duolingo users are all making same complaint about the language app

Before you head off to your holiday destination, you may want to learn a bit of the language so you can communicate with the locals.

Learning a different language is tricky though, and takes serious dedication.

That’s why apps such as Duolingo can really help you to stay focused and on target before you go away.

Encouraging you to complete lessons every day, the green bird keeps on at you to stick to your streak, and hopefully, by the time you fly, you’ll be a whizz at your chosen language.

However, many people have shared the same complaint about the app.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, user @HRDutson wrote: “Duolingo should have an ‘I’m going on holiday to this place very soon’ setting so it teaches you ‘can I have the bill’ and so on instead of ‘the cow boils an egg’” – and other people have the same complaint.

She made another post, writing: “Am in Porto right now and can’t ask ‘where is the train station’ but could quite confidently tell you ‘the cats read the newspapers’.” 

Someone responded: “It was teaching me how to exclaim ‘there is a ghost in this sugar!’ The other day. V useful”.

“I personally can’t wait to use this when I visit France”, someone wrote, as they shared a screenshot of a lesson they’d been doing that said: “Your right leg is longer than your left leg”.

Another joked: “Yes. Still haven’t got to train station but all set for explaining what bears are wearing”, sharing a screenshot of where Duolingo had made them write ‘the bear wears a denim skirt’.

One Duolingo user hilariously penned: “True, but no one was more surprised than my husband and I on our honeymoon when two bees fell in his wine and he was confidently able to tell the server in Italian thanks to Duolingo’s nonsense.”

Someone else’s Duolingo had allegedly asked them to learn ‘What do you have in your ear? Old cheese? You have to take a shower now, please’. 

Another joked: “When I was learning Italian to go to Florence, I learned all of the barn animals before I learned how to say any numbers. I could not say ‘table for 2’ but I could say ‘table for horses’.”

Duolingo has been contacted for comment.

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