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British Gas customers are being urged to get a whopping £156 off their bills this summer before a USwitch deal disappears. 

Customers of British Gas – as well as EDF, EON or OVO switching to British Gas – can get themselves a fixed tariff which would lock in your energy bills at £156 lower than the price cap over the next year.

It comes as prices are set to drop by £118 on Monday, July 1, for all households not currently on a fix thanks to a change in the Ofgem price cap.

When prices drop, the new average household bill will be £1,568 for average usage on gas and electricity combined.

But today, USwitch has emailed customers with a British Gas deal worth a saving of £156 over the next 14 months.

The email said: “Want price certainty with your energy? Lock in this hugely popular fix from the award-winning1 British Gas now, before our offer ends.  

“With a super-competitive price, this tariff secures your rates for the next 14 months. So you won’t need to worry about those nasty price rises forecast this winter.”

The 14 month British Gas fix offers energy rates equivalent to £1,600 a year for a typical household.

That’s actually £32 higher than July’s price cap. So why go for it?

In October, the price cap is forecast to go up by 12 percent, and prices could go up again in January, which will make this British Gas deal £156 cheaper than the October price cap and possibly an even bigger saving in the new year too.

Even if you factor in the July to October price difference, at about £10.22 more pro rata across the quarter, you’re still £146 better off on the British Gas fix versus the price cap.

There are other fixes available, such as E.On’s Next Pledge tracker which promises to stay 3 percent under the price cap, as well as other offers on the market – but you need to act fast before they disappear.

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