Brian May launches new single with ZZ Top and Blues Brothers guitarists – Listen | Music | Entertainment

Three rock guitar legends have come together for a brand new single called Too Much Stress, released this afternoon.

The bluesy track is a single from The Blues Brothers axeman Steve Cropper’s upcoming album with The Midnight Hour, Friendlytown.

On the song. he’s joined by Queen’s Sir Brian May on vocals and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons on guitar.

Cropper said of the epic collaboration and upcoming album: “It was heaven playing with those two… if your booty is not shaking in the first two bars of this album you’re already dead in a chair.

“I feel so good about this batch of songs. They’re packed with radio hooks, and we have Billy Gibbons, Brian May, and Tim Montana playing on the album—it’s like guitar heaven.”

The announcement teased of the new track: “This groovy mid-tempo number features gospel-style backing vocals and a trifecta of the baddest rock guitar players. Brian May sings the duet vocal together with Roger C Reale and the backing vocals while May and Gibbons trade back-to-back solos. The Queen’s axeman’s trademark snarling tone and lyrical licks perfectly complement Gibbons’ searing blues-based style, with Cropper holding it all down with some signature slinky rhythm guitar work.”

Posting a clip from the music video, Sir Brian enthused: “Hey ! Time for a brand NEW track ! What’s this? This is an out of the box SMASH, this is!!! Bri.”

Country-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Tim Montana also features on Cropper’s upcoming album, which is released on August 23 and can be pre-ordered here.

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