Andy Murray ‘taking a risk’ to play Wimbledon with Brit unable to move properly | Tennis | Sport

Andy Murray has revealed he is willing to take a “risk” to play a final Wimbledon despite confessing he still cannot yet “move properly”.

And the double champion will make a decision on Monday over playing singles against Tomas Machac on Tuesday. “Let’s see in 48 hours or so,” he said.

The Scot, 37, only underwent surgery to remove a cyst last Saturday. But he was back on the Aorangi Park practice courts at Wimbledon on Saturday and hit for an hour.

“It was alright, considering,” he revealed. “Obviously I haven’t done much for the last week. Just trying to do what I can, trying to keep progressing each day.

“Whether there’s enough time or not, I don’t know, but I’m trying. What will it take to play on Tuesday?

“I need to be able to move properly, which I can’t yet, so let’s see in 48 hours or so. I don’t know – tough to know how it’s going to progress, really.

“There’s risks associated with what I’m trying to do and I’m willing to take that to try and play. So yeah, we’ll see what happens.”

Asked how many different doctors he saw after his surgeries, Murray said: “Always when you get surgeries done, generally you get multiple opinions. I wasn’t told that it was going to be ten days either.”

Murray has also entered the men’s doubles with his brother Jamie which will start later in the week.

Compatriot and former US Open winner Emma Raducanu hopes her fellow Major champion will be fit to play.

“I think for a tournament like Wimbledon, especially, you’ll push your body, you’ll push your recovery to the maximum,” she said.

“You’ll take the consequences that will come after or during, whatever you have to do. I think you will just absolutely push yourself to the maximum, and push the people around you to also be at their best.

“I’m very happy to see him here because when I think of Wimbledon, I think of Andy. Growing up, that was the generation, the hero I would look up to.

“I think it just feels right and I really hope that, yeah, Tuesday or whenever he’s playing that he’s on the match court.”

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