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Andrea Bocelli is marking 30 years of thrilling audiences worldwide with his spectacular tenor voice by becoming the first classical artist to headline American Express presents BST Hyde Park, alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He will be followed by Robbie Williams and Shania Twain throughout the weekend.

In recent years, Andrea’s son Matteo has also forged a successful music career, closely followed by his sister, 12-year-old Virginia. All three have appeared together frequently in concert, fuelling hopes that the youngest Bocelli star will also appear on stage in Hyde Park on July 5, alongside confirmed guest stars Zuccero, Hans Zimmer and Seal.

Matteo, himself, has his own earlier slot on the main Great Oak Stage. We have all the timings below, plus all the other smaller stages, as well as everything you need to know about the rules on seating, bag sizes, water bottles and more.

Plus, we have a sneak peek inside the spectacular AMEX VIP enclosure and new Amex Fan Experience.

The Great Oak Stage performance times:

It all kicks off with Matteo Bocelli’s solo slot from 5.10pm – 5.50pm, followed by Katherine Jenkins from 6.30pm – 7.20pm and then the headliner Andrea Bocelli with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra from 8pm – 10 pm.

Please note that, unlike most main acts, Andrea Bocelli has a brief intermission from 8.35 – 9pm.

Is there seating for Andrea Bocelli?

Again, unlike all the other shows at BST Hyde Park, there is a limited seating area for this show, which must be pre-booked. There is also, of course, the tiered seating area in the American Express enclosure.

Is the AMEX Experience open to the public?

The main American Express enclosure requires a separate ticket as usual, but this year AMEX also offers all festival-goers a train-inspired journey through unexpected moments as they manifest the ultimate festival experience.

American Express has teamed up with manifestation and affirmation expert Giselle La Pompe-Moore, to create a range of ‘festival personas’ which festival-goers can choose at the festival to create a once in a lifetime experience.

On the ground floor, there are five stations, each offering a different experience – from a bustling night market, to epic photo opportunities against iconic music backdrops, a bar offering exclusive elixir cocktails, and the chance to win prizes 

On top of this, an exclusive Mezzanine level “Daydream City,” is open for Cardmembers only and up to three guests, with further photo opportunities, foam-fuelled cocktails, and a great view of the stage.

Rainbow Stage timings (far North of the BST enclosure):

Cuca Roseta from 15:00 – 15:40, Billy Lockett from 16:40- 17:10 and finally Jamie Duffy from 17:50-18:30.

Birdcage Stage timings (next to the main BST South Entrance):

First up is Ayanna Witter – Johnson from 15:40 – 16:10, then Olivia Belli from 16:40- 17:10 and then Dardust from 17:50-18:30.

MAP BELOW: Use the map below to find all the stages and food outlets, but also to pick a meeting space and time in advance, in case your mobile phone can not get a signal and you can’t reach your friends.

CAN YOU BRING IN SEATS? No. Not even folding ones, anything inflatable or those clever ones you stick in the ground.

ARE BAGS ALLOWED? Yes but only small ones – no bigger than 29 x 21 x 21cm. That’s around the size of a piece of A4 paper.

ARE FOOD AND DRINK ALLOWED? NO. Only sealed bottles of water up to 500ml or baby food in plastic containers. You can also bring an empty water bottle which can be refilled at stations around the festival grounds.

IS RE-ENTRY ALLOWED? No. If you leave you can not come back in.

NEAREST TUBE: Hyde Park Corner, but you can also use Marble Arch and enter BST through the North Entrance.


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